Posted by: futurevehicles | March 30, 2009

The Audi A5: the best thing from Germany since Sauerkraut?

Audi have kind of let me down since they decided to can the mighty 4wd Quattro in the 80’s. “Too dangerous”, they said. Pffft. That car was a technological marvel and it has one of the biggest cult followings in history- who cares if it was absurdly fast and innapropriate for public roads?

Fortunately, the new A5 has rekindled my love affair with Audi. I first encountered this car only 4 days ago and I simply fell in love with it. The shape is so refined and so elegant that i mistook it for a much pricier supercar.

Here are some images straight from the Audi website for fellow car lovers to drool over.



  1. guess what, this car was designed by Satoshi Wada- again, it is japanese aesthetics…the shoulder line really evoke my emotional sense, sensational!! Da Silva reckon this car as the most gorgeous audi ever under his belt….

    • Yeah it had the same effect on me too. I saw it only for a brief second- and then BOOM. I was in Audi heaven.

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