Posted by: futurevehicles | March 30, 2009

The Renault Avantime- Waste of time or a glance in to the future?

I guess if there if was a car that summed up the design direction for my final year vehicle design project- the Renault Avantime would be it.

It’s fair to say that a good proportion of the general public really hate this car- it’s sales figures were dismal after all- but i have conjured up a theory as to why people hate it so very much: THEY ARE AFRAID OF IT!!!!!.

They are afraid of the fact that this car is a look into the future, and people hate thinking about what the future might hold. The Avantime was almost like an uncomfortable invasion of their personal space- It was quirky, unconventional, radical, unprecedented and visually confronting.

When buying cars, I think people are afraid of change. Thats why Holden has been producing the exact same sedan shape for over 25 years. It’s why General Motors are on the verge of extinction. Critics labelled Renault insane at the release of the Avantime, but I get the feeling that they may have just been intimidated by the fact that this vehicle was a vehicle for change. It was still a regular car in every sense of the word- but it challenged design conventions to no end- and that pissed everybody off.

Here is my photographic tribute to the black sheep of the automotive world.


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