Posted by: futurevehicles | April 3, 2009

Renault Ellypse concept- an oldie but a goodie







Renault Ellypse

Ellypse ushers in a new era of harmony between automobile and environment. There is not a hint of aggression in the soft yet structured lines which project the car’s friendly personality. The deliberately minimalist interior is all soothing vibes and spontaneous, authentic charm. Ellypse is a smart, intelligent car, packaging new functionality in an easy-to-use form based on the revolutionary Touch Design approach, which brings man and technology together in happy, intuitive symbiosis. This concept car also embodies Renault’s commitment to making sustainable development a cornerstone of its design philosophy for the cars of tomorrow.

* Solar power cells extending along the length of the transparent roof, for optimized climate control management
* Two-way opening rear doors: traditional swing door or front-to-rear opening
* No centre pillar
* New “ingenious seats” featuring fully automated kinetics converting from “road” position to “rest” position, where seat reclines into floor
*Design specifically conceived to facilitate dismantling and recycling
*New-generation diesel engine with optimized fuel consumption and emissions performance (85g CO2/km)
* “X-by-wire” technology
* 42-volt electrics

A bit dated i know, but i think Renault have this uncanny ability to see in to the future and i’ll be keeping my beady eyes peeled for anything new that rolls off their production line.


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