Posted by: futurevehicles | April 8, 2009

The Honda Kiwami concept- an exercise in PURE aesthetic style.


Kiwami – advanced fuel cell technology + traditional Japanese aesthetics = a premium saloon
Honda was the world’s first automaker to bring a fuel cell car to market.
2003 Honda Kiwami concept car. Image by Honda.
The Kiwami matches Honda’s clean-performing fuel cell technology with the Japanese aesthetic of cleanliness to create an ideal saloon for the next generation.
2003 Honda Kiwami concept car. Image by Honda.
The Japanese aesthetic sensibility and values are expressed in this unique vehicle, with its quietly strong, minimalist stance. Kiwami’s form embodies a simple primitive beauty, yet advanced intelligent technologies concealed within ensure a quiet, safe, pleasant ride.

Advanced packaging technology that made possible the lower floor ensures a roomy interior despite the vehicle’s low overall height.
2003 Honda Kiwami concept. Image by Honda.
The interior design reflects the Japanese sense of a luxurious relaxing atmosphere.

The latest in clean-running fuel cell technology meets the beauty of traditional Japan in this new premium saloon.

In reality, building a car like this would no doubt be a logistical nightmare- but I don’t HAVE to build the car that i design. Concepts like this prove that even the most radical vehicles can be imbedded with a deep philosophical meaning, and i think the more thought we put in to the ‘spiritual’ side of our cars, the better designed they will eventually be.


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