Posted by: futurevehicles | April 30, 2009

Car of the day- The supercar oddball.

Aside from getting enraged at Solidworks 2008, I’ve been looking into the heritage of the supercar. Back in the 50’s and 60’s, i’m not sure the term’ Supercar’ actually existed- rather they were sports cars or touring cars. The car that started the whole Supercar phenomenon was not a Ferrari, an Aston, a Jag, or even a Porsche- In my opinion it was the much-maligned Lamborghini Countach.


I love the radical nature of this car. Everything is over-the-top and it suits the market it was built for; rich businessmen and women with a fetish for speed. The futuristic styling comes courtesy of Marcello Gandini of the famous Bertone design studio, a man who- at the time of designing the Countach- was rather inexperienced in practical car design and cared very little for ergonomics or practicality.

That’s exactly what makes this car so good. With those immense tires, fire-breathing engine, cramped interior and radically futuristic styling, it is probably one of the most impractical cars one could own. Still, like Hammond is quick to point out on a 2003 episode of Top Gear, “This was the car that every little kid had a poster of on their wall”.


I didn’t have a poster, but i did have the obligatory Micro Machine and Matchbox car representations of the Countach- and I knew when I looked at it, even as a child, that this car was almost otherworldy in its appearance. The dramatic use of angles and that classic ‘wedge’ shape that has become so synonymous with the Lamborghini brand were almost unheard of at the time of the car’s release. People were excited by this dramatic automotive statement and even today it remains an icon in the field of automotive design.

The $120’000 AUD price tag was a bit discouraging though.


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