Posted by: futurevehicles | May 20, 2009

A beautiful quote to start the day with.

I’ve been reading an interesting book lately about the aesthetic principles of Japanese Bento lunch boxes. While these delightful meals may just seem like take-away food to most people, there is an inherent art in how the seasonal ingredients are arranged.

The book, ‘The Aesthetics of the Japanese Lunchbox’, by Kenji Ekuan, speaks of how almost every space, object, thing, and indeed lunchbox, is designed and arranged using the aesthetic principles that I have spoken of HERE. In one passage, he talks of element arrangement in the Lunchbox, but then goes on to relate it to other objects such as calculators and cars.

The lunchbox contains many different ingredients. As we have seen, there are multiple levels of beauty in the production of a single Lunchbox. And the same may be said of the calculator and the automobile- not to mention the more complex electronic products.

Delicacy, as well as tension, is necessary to achieve a skillful arrangement of elements. Thought is required to rescue the bad and bring out the best in weak things, or to hide the unsightly. Beauty brought to accomplishment through gathering of many different qualities and elements reveals itself in a “nonviolent” loveliness, radiating tolerance and acceptance”.

Okay, it’s quite a mouthful, but I think this article speaks to us car designers especially because so much the car is the foundation; the package and the arranging of elements. This book helps you look at design in a more spiritual sense, and thus I highly recommend you read it.

PLUS, Bento boxes are the bees knees.


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