Posted by: futurevehicles | May 20, 2009

I’m BAACCCKK. My triumphant return.

To my loyal followers- it has indeed been too long since i last posted. I was unfortunately struck down with a horrid case of Homeworkitis and Swine Flu.

Just to give everyone a few updates on my project- last week we had our first package presentation. Having never done a package before i was a little confused at the prospect of having to come up with a completely resolved solution that would be appropriate for the year 2030. I’ll post some sketches up soon of my early design direction, but from the outset I have come to understand one key thing:


Yes, I admit- i was of the attitude that I could put my hand to almost anything. Well, car design is a whole new ball game and I now appreciate so much more the work of car designers. Trying to visualise something that is new, revolutionary, influential or just different is an absurdly difficult process and it will take time and patience to refine my skills.

Stay tuned.


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