Posted by: futurevehicles | June 2, 2009

Feedback from my lecturers.

“So Marcus and I had a brief chat about the class. Overall we are not happy with the amount of effort we are seeing. Its a bit depressing actually.”

Thats how my final year lecturer summed up the final class before the presentation- YES- it is damn depressing.

But, you know, one thing really gets on my nerves about this whole situation, and that is the fact that STUDENTS THRIVE ON FEEDBACK. We wait for it like a little child waits for christmas presents under the tree. We thrive on it- and when we don’t get it or it is INTENTIONALLY vague- our morale drops considerably and we are left wondering what we can possibly do to rectify the situation.

Some, like me, are fairly good at reading between the lines as to what needs to be done to improve the work. Others, unfortunately, need clear direction and it is unreasonable simply give a student vague, open-ended feedback that does little to calm the nerves.

These are the closing weeks of the semester before the presentation, and so far I haven’t heard a whisper of what ‘they’ would like to see on display.

Do they just expect us to go it completely alone and show up on presentation day with something half-assed and not up to scratch. There are requirements- it’s just that we, as students, do not have the authority to demand such information from lecturers.

What’s the point of this post you ask? The point is to indicate to our lecturers that we, as students with little to no real world experience, are little babies and we should be treated accordingly. Breast feed us you’re pure knowledge- don’t give it to us in powdered milk form with all the other chemicals and additives.





  1. damn you so hit the spot with the…

    [quote] “these are the closing weeks of the semester before the presentation, and so far I haven’t heard a whisper of what ‘they’ would like to see on display.”[quote]

    serious the entire semester had been only focused on the book and writing, i serious began to think thats what are are being solely assessed on….and soum never said anything about drawing until like the last meeting….i mean everyone had done a little bit of drawing along the way but is not like we are getting assessed on it so i figure it is something i will do during the holz to catch up to people from other studios….this last minute drawing thing gets on peoples nerves especially when it just for sake of some images to show at the presentation….i mean we dont even know what we are suppose to present…..

    and the A1s for the exhibition….i really dont have anyhting to show except all the writing i did throughout the semester which i doubt people would read if i did print it out….

    seriously i understand we are suppose to do this ourselves being major and all and the approaches that we have done is supposed to be our guide….but if thats the case i really dont see the point of lecturers being there to tell us what we to do…especially those who havent read the damn approaches which we initially wrote to follow…. and if our direction stated in the approach is wrong then it should be corrected and feedback-givened by the lecturer b4 we even start the project …..

    i feel the approaches we have done and the lecturers arent speaking to each other even though it was the lectures who tell us to write it at the first f place…..

    lol hey leon i was told to come to your site and read this lol…

  2. I’m gonna have a stab at this and say this is Jacky talking to me. Whats with the user name man?

    Yeah- i’m glad you read the post. I kinda wish the whole class (including Soumitri) would read it because it pretty much applies to all the fourth year studios.

    Good luck with your posters. I’ll see you on Tuesday.

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