Posted by: futurevehicles | August 5, 2009

Wow- the web has something to offer other than sleaze.

I get annoyed by the internet sometimes. You can put in so much effort and time trying to find something and the end result may be very little. With books, you are guaranteed atleast 100 pages of pure fact, theory and conjecture.

Youtube ( ) has literally changed our lives forever- and i dont say that lightly. It gives everyone access to everyone- everything access to everything and everyone access to everything. It’s a beautiful concept, and while most of the videos are pure garbage, there are some gems to be found if you look hard enough.

Watch BMW‘s chief designer Chris Bangle speak of the notion that the car is art- a notion that isn’t really spoken of too much these days. His unique approach should be inspiration to not just car designers, but any designer wanting motivation to think of design in new and exciting ways.

Documentary making at its wacky finest. PBS‘s ‘Car of the future’ is an in depth look at the new technologies that will serve to shape our automotive future. Watch as the shows host endeavors to implement some of these technologies in to a 1952 MG roadster. Warning: This is a big video. You need fast net.

Okay, so the Mazda 3 isn’t a 300km/h supercar- but it has a lot of merits in terms of its design, package and sheer popularity. This small video shows Mazda’s chief designer Nigel Ratcliffe speaking candidly about the Mazda 3 design process- from the initial sketches through to the later stages of production.


There will be more like this to come. I have to sift through all the garbage to find the gems.



  1. I look forward to your process in youtube videos.

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