Posted by: futurevehicles | August 11, 2009

C’mon kids- lets do an experiment.

If you read an absorbed my last post- you will know that i’m an advocate of experimentation in the EARLIER stages of a project. It can be a valuable tool in discovering forms that are simply unachievable on a piece of paper- thus adding richness to a project when it comes time for it to be viewed by your peers.

Having never really done any of this type of experimentation before, I am thoroughly perplexed as to what i can do and what i can take from doing these things. How do i make sure that i dont lose my original design intention in a sea of far-out radicalness?

It’s a difficult balancing act- and to be honest- it is one that i dont want to spend much time doing. I’ve come to realise over these past few weeks that car design simply IS NOT FOR ME in the slightest. Yeah, i LOVE cars, but i can not see myself spending the rest of my life in this industry because it takes a special type of person with a certain skillset to do so.

I think my talents would be better suited elsewhere- but I can still give this project a red hot crack in the hope of graduating this course in a blaze of untamed glory.

I will do these experiments- not so much because i want to, but because i have to. All i want to do is say that “Its there, I’ve done it. Can i have the mark and the recognition. Thanks”. That might sound like a very narrow-minded, ignorant attitude, but most designers these days are simply in the business of making money. Time spent experimenting is time spent not making money or getting your name out there. I come from a different school of thought to most people, as i am of the belief that the end result is EVERYTHING- and in car design IT IS EVERYTHING. Most people, when they look at our work at the end of the year, will probably give it the quick once-over, raise an eyebrow and then walk away. The process will be completely irrelevant to them- so how do I try and find that balancing act of a rich end result and a rich design process?


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