Posted by: futurevehicles | August 11, 2009

In an effort to satisfy the higher powers……

I just did my first “experiment”. Needless to say, it was the most depressing moment of my life- but graduating will make it all seem worth it. Video up on youtube tonight hopfully.



  1. Try to enjoy the experimentation as much as possible I know it seems pointless and time consuming but even if the only thing you can get out of it is that you are on the right track doing what you have been doing its still valuable. It can help to articulate why the process that you work under works well for you. Knowing all its strengths and weaknesses.

    We are all different in the way we practice I love the experimentation not knowing what I will produce and how. I am one who can only learn what I do and don’t like by trying new things and seeing if it works for me. So even if it becomes a total waste of time and you can reflect upon why its not working for you, not in the way its time wasting and costing money, but in a creative practice.

    I understand your frustrations to as it seems like we have so little time and each and every minute is vital, but take a little time to learn about other creative methods and practices this can hopefully help to position yourself as a designer later on. It all can seem pointless as we think I know myself and what I like, but learning is about growing to and sometimes we grow faster and change faster than we realise, or maybe that’s just me.

    Even a failed outcome is a great learning opportunity, I have had countless of them so don’t get to down.

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