Posted by: futurevehicles | August 11, 2009

Opinions are like anxieties- everyone has some.

As much a we like to think that we are open to constructive criticism and the opinions of others, secretly i think that the majority of people hate having their ideas brought into question. I for one, hate having my point of view or my idea brought in to question- so when it was suggested to me that my current design direction for my vehicle was lacking somewhat- i was suitably cheesed off.

Had i of been told this a bit earlier in the process, i would have taken it on board with much aplomb, but now that it is the final 13 weeks of the semester i cant help but feel that it is almost too late to radically change my design direction. I’ve defined the package; i’ve defined the aesthetic style; i’ve made my design intention VERY clear since the end of the first semester- so to have it challenged so abruptly seems odd to me.

I was told to experiment; to look outside the four walls of the sketchbook to find forms. I’m all cool with that, but when we are running on a very strict deadline with SPECIFIC GOALS to be met each week- how does one find time for this often time-consuming experimentation process?


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