Posted by: futurevehicles | August 11, 2009

THAT IS IT- I can’t take this crap anymore.

By CRAP i mean experimentation. Its a joke- thats what it is. It is just another little task to fill a stupid work criterion. I’m not Zaha Hadid; I dont want to break sheets of glass just to look like a wanky designer. I’m sick and tired of people trying to push me off the path i have layed out for myself. This semester is supposed to be a well organised thing with an emphasis on time management. I DIDNT MAKE TIME TO DO SILLY EXPERIMENTS- NONE OF US DID!!!! I had it all planned in my pretty little head: so many weeks for such and such etc etc- so to have it suggested to us that we should just throw it all out the window and “experiment” seems counterproductive to me.

You know that feeling of helplesness when you want to proceed but you dont know how- YEAH- thats what i’m feeling.

God, i’m looking to you for answers.



  1. Designers get the opportunity to construct a project of form exploration in every project they do. Often they have Wade thru all the functional stuff – the engineering of the product- before they get to do something that is uniquely their responsibility. Many designers never taste the aesthetic process and are comfortable relegating it to a subtext. The way a thing works is important – sure is. But why have designers at all. In France they didn’t think they needed designers. Tamburini who designed the whole ducati paso is an engineer. Who needs designers indeed!

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