Posted by: futurevehicles | August 12, 2009

Plaster casting experiment- Part 1 of 2

Following on from my recent tyrades into experimentation, I thought i’d post up a few pictures of one of the exploratory exercises that i actually did do amidst all of my raging. With a background in fine art, i’ve done some plaster casting in the past so i thought it would be a good idea to start this process in an area that i feel comfortable working in.

The goal of this task was to just cast a plaster plate/block that i could destroy in a graceful manner at a later date (that will come in part 2).

Start with some scales. Make sure they are ACCURATE PLEASE. Mine were rather archaic, which doesnt help when you have to get the ratios pretty spot on.

The plaster i am using is called hydrocal. It is unbelievably accurate and can pick up the most minute details providing the mold is of good quality. I have done a cast of my arm in the past and every single fingerprint, arm hair and mole were all visible in the plaster cast. SCARY STUFF!!!

Using whatever kitchen bench you have available (be ready to piss your mum off), prepare all of the ingredients based on the ratios specified on the plaster container. In this case it is 100 parts hydrocal to 45 parts water. Fairly easy to remember? GOOD. Find a container that will, depending on how much plaster you mix, give you some sort of square or rectangular plate/brick shape. Ice cream containers work well.

Place the plaster in the container first and then add all of the water at once. MIX LIKE A MADMAN until there are no lumps and it looks like you are preparing some delicious home made ice cream for the rest of the family. I contemplated eating it- but the smell was less than appetising.

Wait around 30-45 minutes for the plaster to set. If you dont think its dry completely, give the bottom of the container a tap against the table. If you get a heavy THUD, then you know its dry.

Looks good enough to eat doesnt it? This is the end result- well……..the first half of the end result. Make sense? No? WELL TOO BAD!!! I plan on breaking this magical creation- for what reason i’m not sure- but whatever way i do break it you will definitely be seeing some video footage of it.

Until then- keep watching the skies. They are out there.


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