Posted by: futurevehicles | August 13, 2009

Another experiment- The man with the can.

This second experiment was a bit more up my alley. First of all, it involved a can- which is just my thang so……………….yeah. Second of all it took place in only 2 dimensions. Being an illustrator at heart means that i naturally drift towards doing things of a 2-d nature- and this experiment was perfect for me.

My goal in this task was to try and achieve lines, shapes and forms that i couldnt achieve on the drawing board. When you think about it, when you are sketching on a piece of paper you are incredibly limited in terms of the type of curve one can achieve. My forms were a reflection of this in that they were just a product of my wrist and forearm moving backwards and forwards across the page.

Using an old, very BIG canvas that i had lying around my room, i decided to try and get a bit more loose in my hand and arm movements- with the main intention being to wind up with a series of curves that i could pick out and use at a later date. I didnt want to waste expensive paint because there was the risk of this task being a total failure, so i picked up an old can of K&H matt black paint that i had left over and let my mind run free.

For those who know aerosol paints, most commercial paints (like the K&H) come with a chisel tip nozzle, meaning that depending on the direction in which you spray the can you will either get a very thin precise line or a faded wide line.

I began with some VERY quick diagonal strokes, and to my utter surprise the lines came out unimaginably thin. For a paint that is S%#T at the best of times, it seemed to be proving its worth and i was getting better than expected results. The painting continued for around 20 minutes. Nothing was planned or calculated; it was a completely spontaneous process that reignited the fire in my belly.



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