Posted by: futurevehicles | August 14, 2009

Industrial Design exhibitions and COMMUNISM.

Yes, COMMUNISM. How on earth did i draw parallels between Industrial Design and communism? Well- all it took was one meeting between every student in the final year group for me to come to the conclusion that communism has overrun the planning of our final graduation exhibition at the end of the year.

It has been decreed (YES, decreed- to emphasise the seriousness of the matter), that the presentation panel/s that each students places behind their project will all be regulated to follow a singular stylistic format. The decision was made after it was argued that presentation panels from previous years looked like a shambles when in a small gallery space.


It was decided that in the interest of professionalism, uniformity and sheer insanity- it would be a grand idea to force the students to follow a template that must be used on their presentation panels. Kim Jong Il anyone? This is the first recorded case of communism in the Industrial Design field- and my fellow students and I are NONE TOO PLEASED.

The presentation panel………in all its many guises……..tells the story. Imagine the actual product is the crystal ball and the presentation panel is the crazy old gypsy lady telling a story. The panel should be individual- a representation (both textual and visual) of a students story of the product and of their adventure over the past year. Regulating the way in which we tell our story is…………..well…………it is sacrilege in my opinion.

For the 5 of us doing vehicle design, it is of THE utmost importance that we be given entire creative freedom when we do our posters. The viewer needs to understand that the model in front of them is not just a fancy looking car- but a product of passion and a love for the car. The presentation panel tells this story.

Comment please. I want to hear what people think on this.



  1. Nice photos!

    Why don’t you develop a flexible design template.

  2. I can see both sides of the story, as if you looked at the posters from last semseter it was a mess some had giant font as their entire poster some had one image with text written over the top. They all looked like a mess together.

    Some people will put effort into their posters and some wont. I can see why you need freedom to layout the design, but having word limits ensure people aren’t going to use the entire A1 poster for text.

    I think all we need is a flexible grid so you can choose one giant image that will take up the entire space, lots of little images, and how much text as we are all going to differ. A nice simple grid, on white paper will do the trick of unifying and not being restrictive. As things can be bigger and smaller within it and still look uniform against others like pages from a book.

    Though people will still complain… Mine would look better on black as its a white product. Blah Blah Blah, be a better designer and create a nice gray shadow to highly it then, we are meant to solve problems.

    I agree with not limiting it to much to font size, where the title goes, where the text is placed so each is identical we need a little space to move in.

  3. I just read the email about the 3 posters and what the hell are they thinking?

    POSTER 3: Learning Testimonial Poster A 250 word text reflecting upon your engagement with the stated learning objectives of the level of Pre Major and Major Project
    • A 250 word text reflecting upon your engagement with the specific learning objectives you set out for yourself this semester
    • A diagram that aims to communicate the most important aspects of you having learnt new capabilities and design knowledge in this semester’s studio, in the context of your existing design studio practice

    3-6 small images from your studio work that are indicators of the key design practice capabilities and knowledge you developed this semester. Annotate these images with captions and/or an overlayed diagram to ensure that a reader can identify the design practice capabilities and knowledge you believe you are indicating.

    When is the next SSCC meeting we need to get all students to complain and drop this, I can’t work with 100 word limit a 200 word limit 6 key images… Landscape A1. Shall we try to get this dropped? Where is the creativity? What is the point I thought I printed document was for all this design practice stuff, and its merit I see no point in this at all.

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