Posted by: futurevehicles | August 17, 2009

Internet must-reads.

My ‘favorites’ tab in Internet explorer and Firefox is becoming a traffic jam- so much so that I have resorted to starting up a ‘Delicious’ account- yet another hassle and another website that knows my name.

I thought i’d post up a few interesting articles, essays, spiels, blogs etc. etc. that I have found in my travels. Some are fairly easy to find, while others require some digging and lateral thinking.

Among other wonders on this website, this fantastic case study documents how the motor vehicle evolved from a thing of mass-produced efficiency to a personal statement of wealth and style during the pioneering years of the car. The study compares the ideologies of people like Henry Ford, who wanted to make cars as quickly and cheaply as possible, to people like Alfred Sloan, a GM of Chevrolet who wanted to make cars of better quality and with more appealing looks. It is a ripper of a read and so are all the other essays on that site.

This article documents the transition that BMW has had in the recent years from a company known for its ‘sameness’, to a company renowned for challenging convention. Several leading automotive and industrial designers are interviewed in the article, and all have interesting things to say about the future design direction for BMW.

Hmmm……..WOW. This article featured on is about as detailed analysis of form as one could ask for. It explains the notion of form in automotive design and product design in ways that I hadn’t really thought of before. Put simply, THIS IS A MUST READ.

Another MUST read for anyone with even a remote interest in life- this lengthy article explains the design process behind the Mazda Nagare concept car. Reading this article gives you a better understanding of how the industry works and how Mazda remains such a leading brand.

There are many more to come- let me just gather my resources.




  1. Simply awesome post. Thanks leon

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