Posted by: futurevehicles | August 23, 2009

War of the worlds! Well, not so much a war…..

……..More of an unexpected collaboration between two paradoxical design fields. This stage of my project is where i get in to all of the nitty gritty details- which i hate doing by the way- so often i go and seek the knowledge of others to point me in the right direction. ‘Others’ almost often refers to a lecturer at my uni, Simon. He’s a pretty clued in guy on all things mechanical, and he has this ability to give you so much while saying very little.

So, Simon and I were sitting at Soumitri’s messy desk trying to figure how the suspension/rear wheel assembly works on my car. For those who don’t know, the car has a hydrogen electric motor mounted in a BIG rear wheel at the back of the car. What concerned me the most is that I had never taken the time to resolve HOW this thing would actually work. Would the wheel join on to the body somehow? Would i have to sacrifice form for function? It was a real sticking point with the car- until Simon dragged up his collection of Motorcycle images.

Right now I was thinking “Okay, I get it, Simon is losing his marbles. He’s spent too long at RMIT and now he’s delusional”. However, as he started to scroll through the thousands of images of race bikes, drag bikes, concept bikes, top speed bikes, MX bikes, and kooky custom bikes I began to understand that there was a method in his madness.

Who would of thought that you could combine motorcycle design and car design? Sure, there have been cars that look like motorcycles and there have been motorcycles that try SO hard to look like cars but I find that combining two almost opposite methodologies of suspension geometry and drivetrain design to be a truly fascinating thing.

Time will tell how the end result will turn out, but so far it has been decided that the car will have a single swingarm at the rear. The reason I chose a single swingarm is because I want people to be able to see my ability to design a nice rim. The rim after all is a defining feature of ANY car.

This idea is in its early developmental stages, but I will keep everyone posted as usual. In the meantime, enjoy some automotive porn………………… – When i win the lotto, i’m going to see these guys. The most spastic cars on the planet.



  1. Awesome straight-line machines…Love the truck! I bet it’s a handful in the wet…

    • Cheers for the comment. I checked out your site by the way. AMAZING work.
      You Coventry guys do some insane things.

      A handful you think? I will go as far as to say that you would have to be criminally insane to drive that thing…..even in the dry. Americans love building things to excess.

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