Who am I?

My name is Leon. I write this blog with the intention of sharing my views of the material world with others. I want people to read this and think “Wow. This guy has got something he needs to say”.

In a perfect world that will happen and i’ll have millions of hits on my blog- but it ain’t a perfect world. I really only anticipate that my lecturer will read this blog in the coming months but as i do more posts and add more tags/links, hopefully someone out there will hear my calls from this vast virtual space.

I am currently in my final year of Industrial Design at RMIT in Melbourne.

I have chosen (or rather was persuaded) to major in vehicle design and i have set myself the brief of designing the family vehicle of the future. This blog serves the purpose of showing everyone my research/design progress and to fill everybody in on the happenings of the automotive world.

ENJOY. May the force be with you.



  1. Who persuaded you to major in Auto Design?

    • At the start of the year I was actually leaning towards Public Transport. My lecturers didnt really take too kindly to this because their logic was that it is not the job of the Industrial Designer to design entire trains or trams. I agree in a sense, but i dont agree with the practice of discouraging a student from doing what they enjoy. The decision to go in to vehicle design came about purely because i’m a car nut and i’m surrounded by everything automotive every single day. My brother and his friend are both building AE86 Toyota race cars and i have a library full of Japanese car dvd’s to drool over- so i guess it came naturally to me.

      Hope that covers it.

  2. I support your interest on public transportation. Public transportation has a value of use, while a car value grealty lay in its posession. The future of mobility is not in private transportation, period.

    • Hmmmm, this is indeed an issue that requires much debate. The way I see it, particularly in the context of Melbourne, there is no possible way we can hope to control the spread of suburbia. Developers just keep on developing and public transport is unable to keep up with the demand. I’m all for public transport (I ride the train every day after all), but I think that if we are to truly win this environmental war, the car has to remain a large part of our daily lives- albeit a much better type of car.

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